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Alex Bean

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Things are never as good as they seem and never as bad as they seem.”

Back Story

In 2016, I co-founded Divvy it grew quickly, and the team was able to lead it to an acquisition in 2021. A couple of months after the acquisition, I realized the importance of earning my sleep every day. That was when Mckay and I started Tandem to help people who’ve done “it” invest in those doing “it.” Between Divvy and Tandem I did achieve three lifelong goals, so if you’re actually reading this, ask what those were, and I’ll gladly tell you the stories.

On the look out for

My investment thesis starts with 2 things at its core. Who are the founders? Why are they inspiring? Do I believe they are built for this ride they are on? The second is all about go-to-market (GTM). How are customers responding to the offering? If product market fit shows its head, then it’s all about scale, and that is something I can help with.

Personal Side

Sports  /  Adventure vacations /  Golf  /  Good food  /  Mentoring