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Mark McCormack

“The quality of your life is directly tied to the amount of great choices you make. Your life is a series of choices that lead us to where we are going.”

Back Story

I grew up the eldest son of an immigrant father, which means I’ve had a full time job since the age of eight years old. Throughout my career in the manufacturing of athletic and visual display equipment, I’ve worked with the largest general contractors in the country, the NBA, and the NCAA. I’m currently the Chairman of 5 emerging companies, all set to exit in the next 3-5 years and I’m very engaged with UVU participating in two Advisory Boards at Utah Valley University. I’ve been married for 20+ years and have three children.

On the look out for

I love finding companies that have a very significant niche in their industry with low competition. It’s how I’ve found success throughout my entire career. The more complex the product, the more attractive the company.

Personal Side

Basketball / International Travel / Fine Dining / Relationships / Men’s mental health