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Zac Kerr

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“Do what matters most”

Back Story

I’ve founded and operated various companies in different sectors, while also selectively investing and achieving really great outcomes. I actively operate and also participate in mentoring and board participation for select companies.

I enjoy helping companies organize, scoping the broad, narrow, simple, complex intersection of people, products, markets and operations. People like me for my wholehearted approach to work. I am passionate about doing my best work, leaving my mark & adding shareholder value.

On the look out for

I’m most interested in pre-revenue businesses with strong usage data & post revenue businesses with commercial or scaling challenges. I like when I am surprised by unsuspecting traction in an idea, meet a technical founder who built their own MVP & see new digital product experiences that transform working, buying, and living.

I’m adept with SaaS in the following categories: service providers, property, sales/marketing, energy, field services, mobile & vertical SaaS.

Personal Side

Building Community / Child development / Percussion / Wellness / Skate & Surf